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We offer the convenience of multiple schedules that accomodate students in the morning, afternoon or nights. we also offer weekend special courses that last either 5 - 8 hours long so you can take your weekly training in one single day.

Due to the dynamic pace of our courses and the innovative way we provide our services, we offer multiple available openings (university style).

Training slots are subject to availability and differ in the length or intensity depending on the course. We also adjust our schedules to better service our students and to work in a schedule that is convenient for you. We offer one-on-one training which means that we can teach you at your office, home, or anywhere in the city. (Currently Manhattan only)

Current training slots we offer to students::

Monday - Friday

10 am - 1 pm

1 - 4 pm

3 - 6 pm

6 - 9 pm

6 - 10 pm

Saturday - Sunday

10 - 3 30 pm

10 - 5 pm

Our many courses are usually starting at least once a month on different schedules, so please ask for a reservation and we will assign you the next available training slot.

Thank you.


For training and consulting services in New York City, you may call us or email:

Phone: (212) 203 0344


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